From the mind of creator Joe Gawalis comes “Precipice”, the harrowing story that will take you into a world that few have ever seen. A world that outsiders perceive as glamorous, untouchable, dangerous, but to those on the inside, it’s reality…

Precipice follows the journey and struggles of Johnny Gaeta, a reformed criminal and his closest friends who formed a surrogate family among each other in a world where nothing is sacred and everything could be taken at any moment. It’s been almost two years since Johnny left his criminal past behind him, starting a wonderful new life for himself alongside his girlfriend Melissa Kelly. Melissa is a New York City transplant from Connecticut who just recently finished her last year of law school. When Johnny stepped away from the world of crime he tried his best to pursue his closest friends to start over with him, but despite his constant efforts they all remained for different individual reasons.

Johnny’s inner circle consists of current leader of the “Gaeta” crew the reckless Paulie Gaeta, Johnny’s younger half-brother by nine years. He is a drug abuser who is very apathetic towards people in general due to his abusive upbringing. Though he finds it hard to connect with other people, in his own way he deeply cares about Johnny and views him as a father figure. Paulie also cares deeply for Marco Viola and Dion Blinz, both whom he views as brothers. Unlike the rest of his crew Paulie is the only one who knows and wants nothing more than to be a respected gangster.

The second in command is Marco Viola, he is Johnny Gaeta’s best friend and acts as an older brother towards Paulie. Marco’s entire life is a constant battle of contradiction, even his position within the crew. As a result of his calm and peaceful nature Marco is usually called upon when reason must prevail. At the same time because of his imposing physical strength is also the muscle, though he truly hates violence. Marco seriously considered taking Johnny’s advice and joining him in a new life but couldn’t.  Marco is a struggling single father who refuses to let his daughter live a life of poverty like he had to.

Finally there is Dion Blinz, a struggling actor who supplements his income through crime. Dion grew up in poverty alongside Paulie Gaeta and the two became best friends at a young age, but only because Paulie found his antics amusing. Though a member of the inner circle, Dion has no real authority over lower ranking members of the crew. He only holds such a prominent position because of his personal relationship with the Gaeta brothers and Marco Viola. He has no interest in expanding his connections in the criminal world and views his involvement as almost an acting role, unable to grasp the true reality of his situation.

Though the series takes place in the world of organized crime, this is a small part of the foundation. The true substance and heart of the series is based around the crew’s interactions with each other and the struggles they face together. Precipice is truly about the world and bonds that form within a subculture little know anything about and the difficult decision everyone involved must make, that will affect everyone around them.