Portrayed by Bek Markas

Dion “Pretty Boy” Blinz was born to an aspiring actress and an unknown movie producer. He is named after the singer Dion DiMucci.  After he was born, Dion’s mother’s aspirations of stardom pretty much went out the window.  So she instead pushed her Hollywood dreams onto her son. From a young age his mother dragged him to almost every talent search, background job, and audition she could get Dion in. Although he was very good looking, the extreme pressure from his mother and his own dimwitted nature hasn’t allowed him much success.

As Dion grew older, he was constantly told that he was born to be a star and not to work hard because true stars are catered to. As a direct result of this, Dion developed zero work ethic and held himself in higher regard than anyone around him.  His goofy antics soon caught the attention of his neighbor Paulie Gaeta and the two became friends. Dion was impressed with the constant flow of money, nice clothes and respect Paulie had as a result of his criminal behavior.  Not wanting to work and craving the attention Dion began to back up Paulie on minor street crimes whenever needed.  Through this relationship, he eventually became a member of the Gaeta crew.

Unlike most of his associates, Dion has no interest in furthering his criminal career. He only continues his life of crime because he feels entitled not to work and loves the quasi celebrity status the crew has achieved in their neighborhood. Since he doesn’t have a focused criminal background he has no specialty and usually backs up any crew member that needs a little extra man power in their endeavors. Outside the Gaeta crew, he isn’t highly respected in the criminal world and is seen as a pretty boy, who only is in a good position because of his friendship with the Gaeta brothers and Marco Viola.  Since he considers himself above the street life and because of his naive nature, Dion doesn’t realize how seriously deep he is involved, yet…