Portrayed by Bryant Boon

Johnny was born to John “The Hand” Gaeta and Maria Gaeta (Rizzo). Johnny being born into criminal royalty always was connected throughout his life.  After the death of his father he was looked after and mentored by his Godfather, Salvatore Mereta. Though at one time a criminal savant, Johnny proved he is so much more.  His mother stressed a normal life for her son and insisted on a good education for him.  Even at a young age he displayed an incredible amount of natural intelligence, street smarts, and leadership abilities.

At the age of twenty one Johnny’s father was murdered during a war within the crime family. During the time John Sr. was alive the two didn’t have a very close relationship but nonetheless, Johnny still admired his father greatly.  John Sr., a hardened sociopath, didn’t care for the intelligence and compassion his son Johnny showed.  Instead John Sr. chose to spend his time with his mistress and their son.  It was at his father’s funeral where Johnny met a very important part of his life… his younger half-brother Paulie. Where Johnny’s life was filled with a mother’s love and was somewhat stable, his brother was born to a hooker that his father kept on the side.  Johnny felt an immediate responsibility and stepped in as a father figure for Paulie and the two became inseparable, much to his mother’s and Salvatore’s dismay.

As the years went on Johnny’s star began to rise within the Mereta Crew.  Along with the backing of his best friend Marco Viola and his own natural abilities, Johnny was a force to be reckoned with.  When his brother Paulie became a teenager he was expelled from school and joined Johnny’s crew full time. Johnny didn’t want his dangerous life style for Paulie but knew regardless of what he said Paulie would enter the life.  It was better for Paulie to have Johnny looking out for him at all times.   Years went by and the crew reputation preceded them. Johnny was pegged as the next generation in the family… but as with all plans, things tend to go astray.

Eventually Johnny was arrested during a botched job, he was to be sentenced for 15 years in Riker’s Island Prison.  Luckily for Johnny, his Godfather Salvatore intervened and used a once in a lifetime connection to get Johnny off the hook. Having almost faced serious jail time, along with conflicting emotions about the path he chose, Johnny finally realized he had much more to offer in life. He officially left his life of crime and urged his friends to follow him. For their own personal reason they all declined. Reluctantly Johnny left the leadership of his crew to his younger brother with Marco as second in command. Though remained close with them socially.

During this time he met Melissa Kelly, a young woman just finishing law school and the two began a relationship. He found a new world, something he never experienced before, a true love between two people, a love that would be there for each other no matter what. It’s been almost two years and Johnny’s life finally has turned out the way it was meant to be… but as with all plans, things tend to go astray.