Portrayed by Gerard Cordero

Marco Viola was born to hard working immigrants and moved into the neighborhood when he was fourteen. He grew up watching the backbreaking labor his father suffered through and the little he had to show for it.  Soon his father began working with John Gaeta’s crew and money began to pour in. For a while his family finally could afford to eat, but this was short lived. His father was arrested for murder and sent to jail for life. Not wanting his mother and sister to starve, Marco realized he had to join the family’s new “trade”. He heard about Johnny Gaeta, son of the local mob boss running small card games behind the cafeteria in school.  Marco began to help Johnny run the games and the two became like brothers.

Because of his large physique Marco was often given the job of collecting debts and decided to open up his own Shylock business at his high school. Years later Marco took this business to the next level and began operating throughout the city.  Once Johnny formed the “Gaeta Crew” Marco was made second in command.  After meeting the young Paulie Gaeta, the two developed a close bond, Marco views Paulie like a little brother.   As the years went by and Johnny left the criminal life, Marco was asked to go legit with him but declined because he is a single father. Marco’s wife died during childbirth leaving Marco alone to struggle with the difficulties of raising a child alone.  Not wanting to put his daughter through a poverty-stricken childhood like he had, Marco continues his criminal life.  He also made a promise to Johnny to keep a close eye on Paulie.  Marco gladly looks after his friend but unlike Johnny, he is more inclined to follow Paulie’s schemes because of his desperation for money.

Unlike most of his criminal associates, Marco is normally quiet, soft spoken, polite and very kind to everyone.  Marco has the ability to blend into normal society because of this and frequently accompanies Johnny into the “legitimate” world.  At the start of the story he is the only one of the crew that has met Johnny’s girlfriend Melissa and wishes he could have a “normal life”. He usually never uses violence to solve personal problems and only becomes violent when it’s necessary for the business. When business does need to be taken that far, whoever pushed Marco always regrets it.