Portrayed By Jamie Josephs

Melissa Kelly was born into an upper class family from Stanford Connecticut.  She frequently vacationed around the world because of her father’s wealth and sees herself as a worldly person, though she never saw very much outside the resorts. Her family tried to set her up with a prominent businessman but she was intent on making it on her own merit and decided to pursue a career in Law.

She moved to New York City’s upper west side along with her cousin Tracy. The two were intrigued by the fast paced life of the city but were taken back by its seedier elements.  Melissa always made sure to stay away from the darker things the city had to offer.  It was during her final years in law school that she met Johnny Gaeta, who moved to the Upper West side near her and has been dating him for almost two years.  Although she is a very caring and moral person her family kept her sheltered, turning her a bit naive about how things really work.

Though Melissa does realize Johnny is different from the people she is used to, she in no way sees him as dangerous or having any sort of criminal past.  Her kindness and love sees the person he truly is. What she doesn’t know is that Johnny’s past will soon be catching up with both of them…