Portrayed by Maria DeSimone

Rochelle Fernandez was born in the projects of Queens, NY. She lived a hard life with very little support from her single mother. Years later she met and began dating Paulie Gaeta, but their relationship is one of extreme turmoil. What started out as recreational use of cocaine and painkillers has spiraled into a heavy addiction, mostly due to Paulie’s excessive consumption.  At the urging of Paulie, Rochelle began stripping to support the couple but her money is mostly squandered by Paulie.

Despite all the hardships and short comings Rochelle truly loves Paulie, wanting to leave this living hell they created behind them and start over. Unfortunately for Rochelle because of his past turmoil, Paulie is unable to love in any conventional way and pushes her away anytime she begins to get too close to his heart.