Portrayed by Bobby Guarino

Salvatore Mereta is a crime boss and godfather to Johnny Gaeta.  He rose through the ranks of the criminal underworld alongside his best friend John Gaeta Sr., working as his “Lieutenant” after John’s rise to boss. Years later during a war between two crime families John Sr. was killed and Salvatore took over the crew.  Salvatore also stepped in as a mentor and father figure to his godson Johnny Gaeta.

Throughout the years, Salvatore was instrumental in shaping and pushing forward the criminal career of Johnny, even ahead of his own son Dominick.  Although Salvatore and Johnny were close, their relationship was not without its valleys, a major crevice being Johnny’s younger half-brother Paulie Gaeta. Where Johnny represented the sides of his father that were positive, the natural leadership qualities, the ability to earn miles above the rest; Paulie represented everything that was wrong, the drugs the reckless abandonment towards life, the vices that could take an entire crew down. Salvatore would urge Johnny for his entire life to stay away from his younger “mistake”.

Despite any disputes Johnny and Salvatore were very close.  Sal had planned on making Johnny his successor. Years later after a botched job Johnny was facing fifteen years in prison but Salvatore went to his aid. Using a onetime contact, Sal got Johnny off the hook and back on the street, but much to his disappointment Johnny left the life behind. To make matters much worse Johnny left his entire operation in the hands of Paulie, piling on the disappointment and Sal is not a man who someone wants to disappoint…