Portrayed by Rob Byrnes

Tully “Action” McDermott is a rounder who is an extremely capable card player but always suffers major setbacks because he is a degenerate gambler and drug addict. Anything Tully earns usually ends up straight into his vein before he can pay back any bookies or dealers.  These addictions have made Tully a very wanted man throughout the city.

Tully is a former member of the McCullen Boys, an extremely dangerous street gang. He was once a dangerous enforcer for the gang but was kicked out because of his addictions, which made him weak, dependent and resulted in his present degenerative state. He is currently associated with the Gaeta crew because his gambling problems landed him heavily indebted to Marco Viola.  He carries a harsh hatred towards Dion Blinz because of Dion’s awful treatment towards him.  A once respected force, Tully is now known as a weak coward who is not to be let in anyone’s inner circle.